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Professor James Haire AC

Advisory Council Members

Professor Michael Barber

Mr Greg Bourne

Father Frank Brennan SJ AO

The Hon John Brumby

Mr Terry Campbell AO

Mr Alf Capito

Ms Sally Capp

The Hon Fred Chaney AO

Ms Melinda Cilento

Dr Megan Clark

Professor Suzanne Cory AC

Mr John Denton

Professor John Dewar

Mr Pat Dodson

Sir Rod Eddington AO

Ms Jacinta Ermacora

Mr Geoff Fary

Mr Ross Fitzgerald

The Most Rev Dr Philip Freier

Professor Geoff Garrett AO

Mr Danny Gilbert AM

Mr David Gonski AC

Mr Charles Goode AC

Mr Rob Grant

Mr Rob Hadler

Ms Jane Hemstritch

The Hon Robert Hill AC

Ms Elaine Henry OAM

Dr Ken Henry AC

Ms Lindy Hume

Professor Paul Johnson

Mr Gerry Lawson

Mr Rod Leaver

Professor Michael L'Estrange AO

Mr Dave Mackay

Mr John McCarthy AO

Mr Ross McPherson

Mr David Miles AM

Ms Sam Mostyn

Mr David Murray AO

Mr Jock Murray

Professor Ian O'Connor

Mr Cameron O'Reilly

Lady Potter AC

Ms Claire Poyser

Dr Geoff Raby

Professor Paul Ramadge

Mr Paul Salteri

Professor Steven Schwartz AM

Ms Emily Sexton

Mr John Simpson

Dr Tim Soutphommasane

Professor Fiona Stanley AC

Mr John Strang

Mr David Thodey

The Hon Amanda Vanstone

Ms Mary Waldron

Dr Fiona Wood AM

Mr Bernard Wheelahan AM

Mr Talal Yassine OAM

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The Global Foundation is a citizens’ organization with extensive private sector membership, based in Australia. Fully independent of government and funded by its members, The Global Foundation promotes high-level thinking within Australia and cooperation between Australia and the world. It works with government and institutions, the private sector, academia and the community, to help shape longer term solutions to great challenges.

AGM Report .  March 2014

February Newsletter
. Feb 2014

December Newsletter. Dec 2013

November Newsletter. Sept 2013

July Newsletter. July 2013

Secretary General provides keynote address at the Global Think Tank Summit in Beijing. 29 June 2013

Achieving breakthrough for the Australian digital economy.

May Newsletter. May 2013

BULLETIN: Our ‘Strategic Partnership’ plan with China realised. 10 Apr 2013

April Newsletter. Apr 2013

The Foundation hosts the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the CIC during his visit to Australia. 6-8 Mar 2013

Roundtable meeting with the Coalition Policy Development Committee. 28 Feb 2013

The Global Foundation hosts the Chairman of ASIC at a Boardroom Dinner. 26 Feb 2013

The Global Foundation visits Jakarta. 11-13 Feb 2013

The Global Foundation holds a ‘breakthrough’ working session to explore Australia’s potential in the digital age. 12 Feb 2013

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